Heist in Art Gallery Manhattan: Thieves Swipe $100K Chagall Painting

So, things got real fancy in Art Gallery Manhattan when a gang of art-loving crooks snatched a pricey Chagall painting from a posh gallery in the middle of the city. And guess what? The whole show was caught on camera!

The Big Score

The owner of Carlton Fine Arts, Charles Saffati, watched it all unfold in front of his eyes. The thieves rolled up on 55th Street, and one of them strolled over, smashed a glass door with a hammer, and snatched the $100,000 Chagall painting named “Eve.”

Pricey Piece of Art

This “Eve” by Marc Chagall is super rare—there are just a few of these beauties in the world. Saffati emphasized the importance of Chagall, putting him in the league of major 20th-century masters like Picasso and John Miro.

Getaway Gone Wrong

The whole escape act was far from smooth. The culprits tried shoving the fancy painting into the backseat of a beat-up 1996 Honda Accord. Imagine—a luxury painting in a not-so-luxury car with rain pouring down on it! Talk about a messy escape plan. The car was damaged too—missing a hubcap, dinged on the passenger side, and clearly not a looker.

Caught on Camera

The gang didn’t realize they were being recorded during their not-so-crafty getaway. Cameras in the area captured the entire scene, including one guy sporting a grey cap, someone holding an umbrella, and the driver of that rundown Accord.

Shaken But Not Stirred

Saffati was rattled by the heist in this high-end neighborhood. The gallery’s been around since the ’60s and is in a swanky part of town with top-notch hotels like the Saint Regis and the Palace nearby. But that didn’t stop these bold thieves from making a move.

Beefing Up Security

The heist came with a hefty price tag for the gallery. They had to amp up security—new storefront, upgraded alarm system, and even hired 24/7 armed guards. All this security jazz cost a pretty penny and put a dent in their pockets.

Calling in the Big Guns

The NYPD’s Major Case Squad is on the case. They’re asking anyone with info about the thieves, the stolen painting, or that less-than-stellar Honda Accord to step up and spill the beans.

Wrapping Up

This wasn’t your typical art gallery heist. It happened in a swish part of Art Gallery Manhattan , leaving the gallery owner shaken and out of pocket. But the hunt is on, and the cops are hoping someone knows something about these art-loving crooks. Time will tell if “Eve” finds her way back home.

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