Best Competitive Settings Valorant in 2023

Best Competitive Settings Valorant in 2023

Are you ready to up your game in ? Dive into our guide for the best competitive settings in 2023 to boost your chances of victory!

Best Competitive Settings Valorant: Mouse Magic: Precision and Flexibility

Getting your mouse settings just right is crucial. Let’s tackle the tricky ones step by step.

  • Mouse Acceleration

Kick off by turning off Enhanced Pointer Precision in your Windows settings. Find it by following the steps: Start > Type “mouse settings” > Additional mouse options > Pointer Options tab > Uncheck Enhanced Pointer Precision.

  • DPI & Mouse Sensitivity

Avoid confusion! Set your mouse settings in its software first, then fine-tune sensitivity in the game. Pro players swear by low DPI (700-800) and sensitivity below 0.30 for that sweet spot of precision.

Best Competitive Settings Valorant: Minimap Mastery: Navigating the Battlefield

To conquer VALORANT, master the minimap!

  • Rotate

Keep it real. Set Rotate to face the direction you’re looking for a better enemy location understanding.

  • Keep Player Centered

Expand your view by turning this off. Let the minimap show the whole picture, not just your character icon.

  • Minimap Size & Zoom

Experiment with size, but stick to 1 as a starting point. Don’t zoom in too much; 0.9 is the sweet spot to keep the full picture.

  • Minimap Vision Cones

Turn this on! It shows your teammates’ focus and helps you spot blind spots for better teamwork.

  • Show Map Region Names

Always! Knowing the map regions’ names is a game-changer for effective communication.

Crosshair Chronicles: Aiming for Greatness

Set up your crosshair like a pro for that extra edge!

  • Crosshair Color

Go for green, white, or cyan. Green clashes the least with VALORANT’s maps, except when playing Viper—opt for white then.

  • Inner Lines

Follow the pros: Opacity 1, Length 4, Thickness up to 2, Offset 2.

  • Outline Settings

Your call—pros mostly keep it off, but some prefer it on with opacity and thickness set to 1.

  • Center Dot

Switch it off. It’s redundant with the Inner Lines Offset value.

  • Outer Lines

Turn these off—they’re like training wheels, and pros don’t need them.

  • Fade Crosshair With Firing Error

Avoid distractions; keep it off for a focused game.

  • Movement Error and Firing Error

If you’re new, turn these on. Pros keep them off for a cleaner, distraction-free experience.

Graphics Galore: Optimize for Victory

Speed is key! Adjust your graphics settings for top-notch performance.

  • Display Mode

Go fullscreen for the best gaming experience.

  • Resolution

Stick to your screen’s native resolution for crisp visuals.

  • Frame Rate Limit

Unlimited frames per second for a smooth ride.

Best Competitive Settings Valorant: Material, Texture, and Detail Quality

Medium for material and texture, high for detail, unless performance dips—then switch detail to medium.

  • UI Quality

Keep it low for an extra boost.

  • Vignette, Vsync, Anti-Aliasing, and Anisotropic Filtering

Off for all—no distractions, just pure gameplay.

  • Improve Clarity, Bloom, Distortion, and First Person Shadows

Off, off, off, and off. Focus on the game without unnecessary visual effects.

Gear up with NIAGASLOT and these settings. And get ready to dominate the VALORANT arena in 2023! Happy gaming!


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