LG Takes Art to the Next Level at the Van Gogh Alive Exhibit at the BGC Art Center

One of the most famous artists in history, Vincent van Gogh, is on display at the BGC Arts Center for a short time. This is a great chance for people in the Philippines to really get into his world. If you go to the BGC Arts Center in Taguig City starting October 20, 2023, you won’t believe your eyes, ears, nose, and heart.

Partnerships and the arts

This show is an art performance put on by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., Del Monte Philippines, and Grande Experiences. It has already amazed more than 9 million people in 100 places around the world. Now it’s getting its start at the BGC Arts Center. It will be a big deal for art fans, children, and anyone else who wants an amazing experience.

LG Takes Art to the Next Level at the Van Gogh Alive Exhibit at the BGC Art Center

The Best Immersive Art

Van Gogh Alive has become a “must-see” attraction because of the mind-blowing mix of light, color, sound, and smells that surround you when you walk in. Van Gogh’s most famous works will come to life right in front of your eyes, making you feel like you’re in one of them. There’s more to learn than just looking at the pictures. Through pictures and movies, you can dive into the artist’s world and learn more about his life and artistic journey.

LG Tech Steps Up the Experience about Van Gogh

LG’s cutting edge tech is also a part of the show. The LG OLED 83″ (OLED83C3PSA) screen in the Art Studio brings Van Gogh’s drawings to life with amazing color and sharpness. There are LG 50″ UHD (50UR8050PSB) screens in the lobby and goods store where you can look at event information and cool Van Gogh-themed stuff.

What the organizers had to say about Van Gogh Alive version

The Managing Director of BAFI, Ms. Maria Isabel Garcia, talks about how important this exhibit is, saying, “Van Gogh Alive has been to 100 cities and is the exhibition that the most people in the world have seen.” The reason BAFI put it at the BGC Arts Center in the Philippines isn’t just to cash in on the great trend; it’s also so that Filipinos can enjoy this moving interactive gem without having to go anywhere else.

LG’s work with Van Gogh Alive at the BGC Arts Center shows LG’s unwavering dedication to making people’s lives better through new technology. They wants to bring art lovers and people in general closer to the world of Vincent van Gogh in a way that goes beyond typical museum visits by supporting this amazing show.

LG and BAFI Have a Strong Bond

Good LG OLED, QNED, and UHD TVs worth more than a million pesos have been given to the organization. LG’s generous help not only shows their constant support for BAFI’s goal. They also shows how committed they are to improving the community’s arts and cultural experiences.

The Van Gogh art show is a must-see

Don’t miss this chance that will only come around once in your life. See how brilliant Van Gogh was right in the middle of Taguig City. With LG on board, this artistic journey is sure to be something you’ll remember for a long time.

A Lot More Than Just Tech

LG thinks that having the newest tech gadgets isn’t the most important thing in life. What matters is the experiences that technology gives us and how they change our lives. LG gadgets Philippines makes high-quality gadgets that help Filipinos get ready for life’s most important events. They wants to spread “Innovation for a Better Life” from Luzon to Mindanao and Visayas. LG OLED goods can be bought on their website and in their main shops on Lazada and Shopee. Check out their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube pages (@lgphilippines) to find out more.

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